Nurses help kids at school and at home
By: Anne Frances Owen ~ 10/30/2023

A couple of months ago, our club reached out to the Issaquah School District Nurses Fund about a potential donation. Laura Carmichael, ISD’s director of health services, sent this response:
“I really can't thank you enough for reaching out. The nurses created this fund so they could directly help families in need in the Issaquah community, however due to COVID and the lack of fundraising opportunities, we're down to our last few dollars (literally). The Nurses Fund has been used to pay for eyeglasses and eye exams for those who are unable to afford them, and the nurses have even found eye doctors in the community that will do exams and provide eyeglasses for reduced costs. The fund also helps provide emergency items like gas, transportation, clothing and/or medications while the family is being set up with more sustainable community resources. The nurses are able to serve the most vulnerable and to help them to access their education and after-school activities just like their peers. This grant would be absolutely incredible, and we would be able to help so many more students this coming year.”
This short video shows how donations such as ours help local families, as Linda Okamoto, a nurse with the district, described to our club last week. Thank you to everyone who donates volunteer hours and/or funds for helping organizations like this!