Club members must participate on at least one committee, and many participate on several. 

Fundraising & Events

Purpose:  The Fundraising & Events Committee is responsible for raising money to help provide the needed funds for community outreach. This committee entertains all ideas and determines what the fundraising activities will be.
Fundraising activities include but are not limited to:
• Concerts on The Green Concession Sales
• Salmon Days Salmon Barbeque
• Car Wash ticket sales
• Boots Barrels and Brews Auction
• Any other fundraising to be determined
Each member is expected to participate in and/or attend major fundraising events sponsored by the club.

Community Grants

Purpose:  The 

Community Grants Committee evaluates grant requests and recommends approval of grant applications that come to the Kiwanis Club of Issaquah from the Greater Issaquah community. Distribution of monies is determined by the availability of funds. Grants are prioritized and will focus on the basic human needs of children and families in our community. Each year the committee reassesses the organizations and activities that are sponsored. While focused on changing the world…one child at a time, Kiwanis is also interested in service projects that have a broad community benefit. The committee also hosts hands-on activities that make a difference in the community.

Projects have included but are not limited to:

  • Friends Of Lake Sammamish State Park
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • American Cancer Society (Relay for Life)
  • Issaquah History Museums
  • Eastside Master Chorus
  • Salmon Days
  • Hobby and Volunteer Expo
  • Friends of Issaquah Salmon Hatchery (FISH)
  • Compassion House
  • Issaquah Community Services
  • Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank
  • Tools for Schools Backpack Program
  • AtWork!
  • Village Theatre and Kid’s Stage
  • Youth Scholarships
  • Passage Point
  • Tent City IV
  • Kiwanis One Day

Chair: Liz Rector

Sponsored Club

Purpose:  To be a liaison between our Kiwanis Club and all sponsored clubs in the Kiwanis Club of Issaquah Family. 
Sponsored clubs include:
• Aktion Club of Salmon Country
• Sponsored Youth Clubs:
• Key Club of Issaquah High School
• Key Club of Liberty High School
• Builder’s Club of Maywood Middle School
• Builder’s Club of Pacific Cascade Middle School
Aktion Club:
Our Aktion Club provides adults living with disabilities the opportunity to develop leadership and initiative, serve their community, be integrated into society, and demonstrate the dignity and value of citizens living with disabilities.  The committee develops means to assist the sponsored club, as well as other areas that the committee may deem pertinent.  Committee members should encourage Kiwanis participation in Aktion Club meetings and act as mentors to Aktion Club members.  Collaboration between Kiwanis club and Aktion Club activities is strongly encouraged
Sponsored Youth Clubs: 
The committee cooperates, encourages and promotes the activities of the Key Clubs and Builder’s Clubs.  It encourages Kiwanis members to attend and participate in meetings and attend Key Club conventions and activities. Collaboration between Kiwanis club  and Key Club activities is strongly encouraged.


Purpose:  This committee is responsible to communicate and inform locals clubs, non-profit groups, Key Clubs and the greater Issaquah community.  Its responsibility is to update our club website, local media and Facebook about all current events and community outreach efforts provided by our club.  Members may attend other community group meetings such as the Chamber of Commerce and others to further promote the club.


Purpose:  To devise ways of maintaining an adequate membership of citizens of good standing who are interested in a contribution to the community through service.  The committee considers all proposals for membership and submits its recommendations to the Board of Directors.  It is responsible for nominating club members for officer positions. It devises a plan for the orientation, induction, and successful assimilation of new members into the club and promotes regular attendance at club meetings.  The committee is also responsible for club social gatherings, inter-club meetings, and encouraging and maintaining member interaction and activity.  This committee is also the “sunshine committee” responsible for contact with members who may need a little cheer.


Purpose:  To support our club through diverse administrative tasks. The committee is responsible for reviewing Club Policies and Procedures and bylaws on an annual basis.  Per club bylaws, it consists of the President, Secretary and at least two other club members.  All recommended changes are presented to the Board of Directors for approval.

Budget & Finance

Purpose:  Per bylaws, the committee consists of the President, Immediate Past President, Treasurer, Secretary and any other club members assigned by the President.  The committee helps prepare budgets of estimated income and expenditures for submission to the Board of Directors. The committee will reevaluate the budget after major fundraisers to more accurately determine allocation of monies.  The committee also submits any other financial recommendations as requested by the Board of Directors.  It oversees an annual financial review.  Meetings will be held on a monthly basis.


Purpose:  To ensure the club has a suitable place for its meeting.  It is responsible for set up of weekly meetings and special meetings.  Committee members keep attendance records and sell lunches and raffle tickets as well as choose the Secret Greeter at luncheon meetings.   The committee also facilitates the display of the American flag throughout the City on recognized holidays and election days.  The committee arranges to rent, set-up and take down the club’s tent.
Gibson Hall is available for rent to club members and the community.  The House Committee is responsible for contracting a leasing agent and recommending leasing fees with approval from the Board of Directors.  The committee also handles large maintenance projects needed at Gibson Hall.