Kiwanis Volunteers Support Lake Sammamish Kokanee Salmon 2021 Spring Fry Count Effort
By: Issaquah Kiwanis Team ~ 2/22/2021

Kokanee is a land-locked form of sockeye salmon.
Population of kokanee in Lake Sammamish is moving fast to expiration.

As a part of efforts to save Lake Sammamish kokanee, every spring volunteers trap, count and release kokanee fry migrating to the lake in order to estimate population and survival.

The Kiwanis Club of Issaquah will be supporting Trout Unlimited and the Kokanee Work Group to count returning Lake Sammamish Kokanee Fry. We begin with a short training session on February 28th on Lewis Creek followed by volunteering for several shifts for 10 weeks along the Ebright, Lewis and Laughing Jacobs creeks.

Trout Unlimited video about the Kokanee fry count event:

For additional inspiration, visit the Spawning Grounds Film about the incredible emergent effort to save the local Kokanee salmon. 

For how to volunteer, please contact the Issaquah Kiwanis Environmental Committee focal John Jensen.