Issaquah Celebrates 41st Annual Community Awards
By: Kiwanis Team ~ 2/1/2021

Sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Issaquah

Our 41st Annual Community Awards Celebration over Zoom!


Don Burnett
Human and Spiritual Values Award

I have the great pleasure of presenting this year’s Human and Spiritual Values Award on behalf of the Kiwanis Club of Issaquah. The person we are honoring this year has been an exemplar of compassionate care, steadfast advocacy and community engagement, guided by his faith and his commitment to improving the lives of others.

I first met this person through the Issaquah Schools Foundation Basic Student Needs Committee, where he was an active member and contributor. I would run into him at the Issaquah Nurturing Network meetings, where he is still a regular attendee, and due to his gentle persuasion I was introduced to Passage Point – as I am sure, so have hundreds of others been introduced through his outreach for this amazing recovery and reconciliation facility located just south of Issaquah. (And now you know I’m talking about Don Burnett. . .)

Don is also an active member of the St. Michael’s and All Angels Episcopal Church, and provides ministerial services to several congregations. He has been an effective voice communicating the needs at Passage Point to the school district, the city and the Issaquah community. He effectively advocated for including trauma-informed education in the district and education on Adverse Childhood Experiences for the residents at Passage Point. He educates and enlightens people regarding the impacts of racism, poverty, and incarceration. At Passage Point, Don facilitates the Resident Council; he connects the community to resources in Issaquah and Maple Valley, and he sets up opportunities for Passage Point residents to give back to the community.

Stephanie Anderson, the Director at Passage Point says, “Don is a kind and compassionate leader within the Passage Point community. He helps residents within our community find their voices and he empowers them to advocate for their needs. Don is also a support to his colleagues and always brings a positive outlook no matter the challenges ahead. He is loved and appreciated by all because of his authenticity and passion for the community.”

I am exceptionally honored to present this year’s Human and Spiritual Values Award to Don Burnett.

Sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Issaquah

Jeff Riley
Volunteer of the Year Award

It is also my pleasure to present the Volunteer of the Year Award on behalf of the Kiwanis Club of Issaquah. This year’s recipient is Jeff Riley, who was nominated for his outstanding work with Junior Achievement.

Jeff has spent the past twenty years volunteering with Junior Achievement. Through JA, Jeff has taught economic literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship to thousands of young people in the Issaquah School District.

Jeff’s dedication to Junior Achievement’s goals has been recognized by his colleagues. In their nomination letter they said the following:

“Jeff has shown strong leadership regarding organization of schedules with multiple teachers every year. His due diligence in creating a relationship with educators he works with, along with looking for ways Junior Achievement can get involved with the team in Boeing has become a strong benefit for Junior Achievement in Washington State.”

Another said: “Jeff is an amazing volunteer who goes above and beyond.”

And yet another: “Jeff is a hidden treasure when it comes to volunteers who go above and beyond expectations.”

We are honored to present this award for the Issaquah Volunteer of the Year to Jeff Riley!