Human and Spiritual Values: Connie Fletcher
By: Anne Frances Owen ~ 4/4/2022

Connie Fletcher outside Gibson Hall, 4/1/2022

On March 31, Barbara de Michele, president of the Kiwanis Club of Issaquah, honored Connie Fletcher with the 2022 Human and Spiritual Values Award. Connie has given decades of service to our community based on her deep and abiding faith, her long-time association with Our Savior Lutheran Church, her commitment to helping people in need, her commitment to the young people of Issaquah, and her warm, caring and inclusive approach to everyone she meets.

As outlined in the nomination submitted on Connie's behalf, she has organized her church’s response to the Meals Program at Community Hall, supported supplemental reading programs for non-English speaking students, prepared and packed donations for families in transitional housing at YWCA’s Passage Point, and served in a several leadership positions including the church’s Social Needs Committee. She has long promoted humane approaches to helping people experiencing homelessness, including an experiment in sheltered parking at Our Savior. She has served as her church’s representative to the Issaquah-Sammamish Nourishing Network. Currently she is a leading member of an Our Savior group working with the Food & Clothing Bank to help them expand capacity and services to those experiencing food insecurity in our community.

Connie has held many other positions of service in Issaquah – former school board member, Washington State Board of Education, Washington State School Board Association President, and a former director of the National Associations of State Boards of Education. Even as she went on to national fame and recognition, she remained a true guiding light at Our Savior Lutheran Church. Congratulations, Connie!