Gibson Hall Rental Cleaning Requirements

Please scroll all the way down. Gibson Hall is a warming/catering kitchen approved as a warming/reheating in the facility.  By King County law, that means you may reheat in our facility, but may not cook or prepare food on site. Additionally, we do not have commercial dishwashing facilities so all items must be taken offsite for cleaning.

NOTE: You will need to provide all serving pieces and warming items such as:

  • Hand Towels
  • Bottle openers
  • Oven Mitts
  • Power Cords / Extension Cords
  • Paper Towels
  • Coffee, sugar, cream, stir sticks, etc
  • Wine Corkscrews
  • Containers or plastic wrap
  • Serving or Preparation utensils (large spoons, spatulas, knives, etc.)

Kitchen Area (Cleaning Supplies are provided by Gibson Hall)

  • Clean all borrowed items (coffee pots, bowls, urns, vases, etc.)
  • Clean all surfaces
    • Sinks
    • Counters and back splashes
    • Stovetop and Oven area
    • Refrigerator shelves
    • Microwave
    • Rolling Cart
  • Kitchen Floor
    • Clean floor mats
    • Sweep and Mop floor
  • Garbage: Remove all garbage and recycling from bins in the kitchen. Dumpsters are located outside in the garbage enclosure.
    • Replace all liners in each bin. 

Restroom Facilities

  • Remove trash from bins and replace liners as needed.
  • Clean toilets as needed.
  • Clean floors as needed. 

The Main Floor (Hall Area)

    • Remove all decorations and personal items
    • Clean any tables and chairs used.
      • Inspect tables and chairs for debris or damage.
      • Return Tables and Chairs in the back store room
    • Clean and Vacuum Floor
      • Clear all trash and large items off the floor. The vacuum may be impeded by large debris.
      • Vacuum Floor and inspect
      • Spills: carpet cleaning supplies provided.
    • Gas Fireplace (Turn off via switch next to fireplace)
    • Turn off all lights. 

Securing Gibson Hall

  • Close and Lock the Front Door Deadbolt.
  • Ensure back storage room storm door is locked.
  • Front middle door is closed and secure. Lock is latched.
  • Kitchen door is not set to open freely. The lever on the inside of the door can be turned to allow the door to be opened without a code after you enter. Ensure that this lever is set to not allow entry into the Hall and verify by closing the door and ensuring the door does not open freely.

Gibson Hall Exit Checklist

_____All Areas: Decorations and personal items removed
_____All Areas: Any damage to facility noted.
_____Tables: Cleaned and returned to designated location
_____Chairs: Cleaned and stacked (7 high) and returned to designated location
_____Main Area: Carpet – Spills cleaned up
_____Main Area: Carpet Vacuumed
_____Main Area: Fireplace Turned Off.
_____Main Area: Window Sills clean
_____Bathroom: Sinks and toilets wiped down and clean
_____Bathroom: Trash removed and trash liners are on garbage bins
_____Bathroom: Floor Clean and personal items removed
_____Kitchen: All Countertops and sinks wiped down and cleaned
_____Kitchen: Stove and Microwave wiped down and cleaned
_____Kitchen: Any utensils or other kitchen items washed and returned
_____Kitchen: Carpet runners cleaned
_____Kitchen: Floor swept and mopped. Floor not left sticky or dirty.
_____Kitchen: Garbage and recycling emptied and liners are on all bins.
_____Walkthrough: Walk through Gibson Hall one last time and ensure all areas cleaned
_____Security: Ensure Front Door is latched and locked.
_____Security: Ensure Middle Door is latched and locked.
_____Security: Ensure Kitchen Door does not open freely. Toggle latch on inside.
_____All: All lights are turned off.